Great Gift Idea – Under $20

Help Protect your Family, Friends, Loved Ones, Co-workers, Employees from Credit Card Theft and ID Theft with – RFID Blocking Folders.

Problem – Thieves with Scanners


Solution – RFID Blocking Folders


Fits Any Wallet


GREAT GIFT ITEMS or Stocking Stuffer for family, friends, employees, co-workers because:

+ Protects your Friends and Family’s credit cards from Scanners and Thieves
+ Sold on –
+ Inexpensive – Under $20
+ Almost everyone has credit cards or bank cards
+ Light weight, small
+ Fits inside wallet credit card slots
+ Practical, Useful, Smart, Helpful and Simple
+ Super Easy to use
+ ** A Gift they will use Everyday and carry in their wallet or purse, protecting them 24/7

The Problem – High Tech thieves can steal your Credit Card Information without you knowing it!

The Solution!

Credit Card Holder - flyer

How they work – See our RFID Blocking Folders in action. Click here to see short customer demo.


Our product was Featured on USA Today – Save of the day. See video here.

Featured on USA Today


Problem – High tech thieves can scan smart cards at a distance, without touching the cards. See Video.

Does Everyone you know have Credit Cards or Bank cards?  Yes most likely, we live in a high tech world.

Credit Card Theft and ID Theft is a horrible problem to deal with:  Loss of Time, money, stress, damaged credit, worry, etc.  You should do everything in your power to avoid this problem and the pain it causes.  Better safe, than sorry.


Solution – Protect your Credits Cards from unwanted scanners with our RFID Blocking Folders.  Place your cards inside the protected folder and place them in your wallet. Simple.

GREAT GIFT ITEMS – They are; Inexpensive, light weight, low profile, fits into existing wallet, super easy to use, smart, simple, practical, under $20.

This gift will be carried around, in their wallet, with some of their most guarded items like credit cards, bank cards and other valuables. This piece of technology will help protect your loved ones from Unwanted RFID scans from Electric Pickpockets and Identity Thieves. Help protect the people close to you from Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud .

This Video explains the how Thieves use RFID Scanners.